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Gambar Pilihan

Jumaat, 16 Mei 2008

What Women Want

So what is it that women find sexy in their men? Interestingly, no one mentioned a huge appendage!


“Sinewy arms are the biggest turn on for me. I mean, the long muscles you see on swimmers. I stayed with my boyfriend an extra year or so mainly because of his great arms. The absolute worst are the pumped up biceps of bodybuilders. Yuck!” – Carol, 30, newspaper reporter

“I like muscular arms but not the big body-builder type. I like lean ones, where you can see the outline of the biceps – it proves they are manly. While I think flabby arms on women are okay, on men they are such a turn-off!” – Eileen, 31, accountant

“I love lean forearms with a layer of hair, especially when they are tanned. Just beautiful…” – Charmaine, 29, web designer

“Soft skin, the kind you can rain soft kisses on, especially around the collarbone! Men should always moisturise their necks.” – Dawn, 27, teacher


“Long fingers are very hot (though I don’t necessarily equate it to appendage size) – it means he can reach the inner recesses with his long fingers! I used to be fascinated with Arsenio Hall. I couldn’t take my eyes off his fingers every time he waved his hands about on his talk show.” – Claudette, 33, HR manager

“Slender, delicate fingers that signal an artistic side. Hands that know when to be gentle and when to be strong.” – Louise, 28, writer

“Definitely hands – strong veined and muscular. Hands represent a guy’s macho – eg hammering, changing engine oil – and softer, sensitive side – eg cuddling a body, playing an instrument, foreplay. Skin shouldn’t be fair but olive or tanned. And nails should be short and square.” – Juliet, 30, copywriter

“I like the vein that runs along, well, the forearm, especially when it pops up on tanned skin. Mmmm, very masculine!” – Jenny, 28, marketing executive

“Straight teeth are a must – all my boyfriends have had perfect teeth. There’s something about a straight, even smile that makes me go weak in the knees, especially when they open their mouths to laugh, and all you can see is a lovely perfect row of teeth, all the way to the back! I think a smile is such an important part of a person.” – Lee, 33, lawyer

"When we go to sleep, I snuggle up as close as I can, leg against leg, stomach against stomach, and chest against chest. We even breathe each other's breath. If I were forced to name a favourite part, it's his hip¬bone, on which I rest my hand as we fall asleep" – Yuki, 21, teacher

“I like skinny hips, where you have that hard triangle of bone around the pelvis – a real turn-on! It’s great for grabbing and licking. It’s a hotspot for him as well – men are generally quite sensitive there!” – su-ann, 26, fashion designer


“I especially love the upper curve of the buttock. I like nice, tight butts that bulge out of pants. The guy can't be flat in the back when he's lying down in bed. When we are making love, I love to reach around and clasp his butt with both hands.” – Michelle, 31, nurse

“A nice butt, with buns that stick out in a perfect cruve, with nice hollow scoops on either side, just like a ballet dancer’s butt.” – Jamie, 23, graphic artist

“A nice tight ass and powerful thighs make for nice eye candy.” – Ling, 24, make-up artist

“A round butt makes a nice handful – it’s gotta be high and perky. Flat butts are totally unattractive.” – Alison, 27, personal banker

“I don't particularly care about height or weight, but give me a pair of broad shoulders to rest my head on and I'm content. I am especially fond of the slope of a man's neck from the earlobes to the base of the shoulder. If the fit is not to my liking, the guy has two strikes against him.” – Stephanie, 26, secretary

“Broad shoulders really turn me on – it’s such a sign of manliness. It’s great when you put on one of his shirts and the shoulder seam comes down to your elbow – it makes me feel really tiny compared to how big and strong [I hope] he is.” – Cynthia, 32, personal assistant

“Oh. My. Gawd. The collarbone… it makes me want to give him the vampire kiss!” – Winnie, 30, unemployed

“I find the chiselled chest and big Greek God-physique boring. Skinny guys with collarbones and hard hips make me frantic trying to feel them all over." ” Lilly, 26, retail manager


“A nicely-shaped, bald head ala Patrick Stewart (not Mike Tyson!) is sexy.” – Angeline, 29, TV producer

“Full lips – they tell me he’s very sensuous, the sort who’ll know how to romance and make love to me.” – Genevieve, 26, boutique manager

“I love sensual lips, a strong nose and a good ass – meaning shaped like a pair of fluffy KFC buns!” – Cecelia, 32, interior designer

“When I meet a man, I gaze into his eyes first. I look for the whole person in this one part. If the eyes don't speak to me, the relationship never works." – Susan, 19, college student

“I go for the eyes, especially large eyes complete with long curly eyelashes – when they well up with tears or fill up with intensity, I go weak in the knees.” – Sonia, 28, yoga teacher

“A strong angular jawline and a five o’clock shadow will have me jump into bed with him anytime. A man with a weak jawline looks weak as well – a chiselled one signifies strength.” – Danielle, 31, sales manager


"Johnny Weissmuller was my guy. What a pair of slabs on him. As a little girl, I was just overwhelmed when I saw him in Tarzan movies. His chest was perfection broad, hairless, well-defined, smooth as marble, and no phony bulges from lifting weights. I can't get serious about a man unless he reminds me of Weissmuller. I have rejected otherwise handsome and agreeable suitors because their chests were not built like Weissmuller’s." – Wendy, 35, housewife

“Toned tits – nothing worse than a man with saggy ‘breasts’ – and a nice six-pack below them. Nothing too He-Man muscular either, as long as the muscles are toned and defined just that little bit. Very sexy!” – Suzanne, 23, personal trainer

“A body with definition – long, muscular legs, nicely-developed pecs and broad shoulders… everything my boyfriend doesn’t have. Sigh.” – Kelly, 28, chemist

"Chest hair and body temperature. It must be the mammal in me. I just love feeling a naked man's temperature rise when we're holding each other. I love squishing my nose in his chest hair and inhaling the scent." – Jennifer, 27, real estate broker

Here are a few one line descriptions of cherished male angles and architecture:

“Dimples turn me on! It makes their smile so much sexier.”
“The cleft in my husband's chin.”
“A head of thick, curly hair.”
“A tapered waist with a few subtle ripples of muscle on the stomach.”
“The thin line of hair running from the pubes to the belly button.”
“The pubic bone because of what it promises as my boyfriend peels off his underwear.”
“Lithe but sculpted thighs, the kind you see on track stars.”
“Thin hips with the pelvic bone sticking out on both sides.”
“No body hair I like my men as boyish as possible.”
“Men's nipples, because they're so small and cute.”
“The jutting vertebrae in the small of my lover's back.”
“Cleavage the way my boyfriend's pecs look when his shirt is half open.”

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